Amine S1 is identified with a bold style of extraordinary and uncommon appeal. A style that is never brazen, but based on volumes and new proportions. Amine S1 bags are made for the woman who is not afraid to be unique, and knows how to look refined.
Katia Ghetti, the designer behind the AMINE S1 brand, began her career working with a number of Italian fashion companies, in close contact with the process of product development and production, going on to work in research and styling. Katia drew on her all-round experience working with the product, technical know-how and highly personal style to create her own brand, AMINE S1, in 2015, designing bags that are practical while reflecting original forms and solutions.
The collection features clean forms and bold geometric shapes, in a search for balance that combines new volumes with new modelling solutions, in line with the brand’s heritage. An apparently simple shoulder bag becomes an original pouch bag or an elegant clutch bag. A severe fringe adds character to a bucket bag that maintains its shape and occupies its space. Even in the softest bags, the designer clearly seeks geometry. The contrast between materials is always refined but bold; materials are elegant, creating surprising effects. A soft leather is laminated to create a candy-wrapper effect. A soft patent leather reveals thoughtfully designed volumes and folds.

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