B.D Baggies is the heritage shirt brand founded in the United States, inspired by the American college look. The company’s mission has always been to produce shirts with a lived-in look, as naturally wearable as a t shirt. Founded in 1919, B.D Baggies offers a range of styles in both traditional fabrics such as cotton, linen and denim, and innovative yarns with modern construction.The brand was acquired by WP Lavori in Corso in 1995.
The origin of B. D. BAGGIES dates back to 1919, when a young man named Bradford Dexter Bagg discovered a trunk full of his father’s old clothes. Trying on one of the old shirts, he noted that although it was a bit worn and baggy, the shirt fit and gave him a pleasing sense of freedom - in stark contrast to stiff college uniform he usually wore. All his fellow students admired his new wardrobe and also wanted a shirt that represented their spirit of independence. Success was immediate, and once he had graduated, Bradford decided to found B.D. Baggies, which takes its name from his initials, and produce pre-washed shirts packaged in the kind of cotton bag he used at university to send his washing to the laundry.

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