Mouleta is a German brand that produces sustainable scarves in pure raw cashmere yarn from Inner Mongolia. All scarves are washed and felted by hand in central Nepal, and are unique in quality and beauty. Handcrafted without the use of chemicals in a vast range of rich colours and prints, these elegant, versatile scarves can be combined with any number of styles.
Mouleta's story begins with goat wool in Inner Mongolia. Once a year, when the goats shed their coat, the animals are carefully combed by hand to obtain a very fine quality wool. This sustainable way of producing wool, handed down from generation to generation, makes cashmere one of the finest and most expensive yarns in the world.
Just about 180 grams of wool per year can be obtained from a cashmere goat. The yarn, subsequently worked and felted with care by hand, has always been the hallmark of Mouleta scarves, which stand out for their exceptional quality, luxurious softness and durability.
Fair trade is more than just a term for Mouleta, it is a question of attitude. The factory and working conditions in Kathmandu are frequently monitored, proving that good results can only be achieved through good working conditions. Equal treatment and duties for men and women in the work processes and traditional craftsmanship on site is also a factor of great importance for the brand, because equality is an indispensable universal human right. In 2021, the facilities in Kathmandu were recognized by the "Nepal Pashmina Industries Association" for their sustainable and environmentally friendly production of cashmere products.

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