Rain will no longer be a problem

Founded by John Barbour in 1894, Barbour has been the yardstick for excellence and robustness in outerwear for over a century. Not surprisingly, the brand has been a pervasive presence in popular culture for decades - from kids who wear their parents' jackets to the wet weather apparel sported by British royalty on rainy days, and an incalculable number of screen and music icons. Barbour jackets are more than a winter staple - they are a timeless classic. Obviously the brand has increasingly broadened its range over the decades with many different designs and styles but there are some Barbour styles that have been a constant favourite with fashion lovers since the beginning.

  1. The Beaufort Jacket

Designed in 1983 by Margaret Barbour, the Beaufort is perhaps the brand's most popular waxed jacket. A high-performance jacket with field sports-inspired details such as raglan sleeves for greater freedom of movement and a back pocket to hold game when needed. The Beaufort is also one of the brand's most recent icons - a symbol of the 80's British aesthetic.

2.The Bedale Wax Jacket

The Bedale was also designed by Margaret Barbour and actually preceded the Beaufort by about three years, arriving on the market in 1980. If the Beaufort was designed for field sports, the Bedale was conceived as a riding jacket. Forty years ago, it was this jacket with its corduroy collar, large pockets and tartan lining that typified the look of the classic Barbour jacket in popular culture

3.The Liddesdale Quilted Jacket

Another great Barbour classic. Originally known as the Countryman Quilted Jacket, it was renamed after the Liddesdale Valley, Scotland, in 1994. The very symbol of the English country life, the Liddesdale jacket has been part of Barbour's imagary since 1979 and has never changed, except perhaps in the materials and construction that are updated to maintain a high level of thermal insulation and resistance.

4.The Ashby Jacket

The Ashby Wax Jacket from Barbour features a Silkoil wax finish that makes this piece suitable for all seasons: thanks to the possibility of inserting an internal lining, you can wear your original Ashby even on the coldest days. The Ashby celebrates Barbour's ties to Scottish tradition: the piece features the unmistakable Tartan lining, which can also be found as a final detail to complete the pockets. Take a look at our selection now: the Ashby from Barbour is versatile, refined, and suitable for any occasion.

5.The Barbour International Original Waxed Jacket

The design of this belted jacket dates back to 1936. It was initially designed for military use before becoming popular as a motorcycle jacket, and became famous thanks to Steve McQueen, who wore it countless times, both on and off the bike. Its most iconic feature is the map pocket, the diagonal breast pocket designed to allow the wearer easy access their maps.


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