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Under the spotlight, not just in major sports events but also on prestigious runways, tennis is stealing all the attention this year. Icons like Serena Williams and Jannik Sinner have brought fans and newcomers alike to the red clay courts. Cinema, too, has played a key role in setting this season's top trend. Recently, Zendaya and her new film The Challengers have captivated everyone from sports enthusiasts to movie lovers—and of course, the fashion world.

Preppy style, Old Money, Ivy League, and many other genres blend into a new, refined aesthetic called Tenniscore. Think short-sleeved polos with colorful details, made from lightweight, breathable cotton; denim mini skirts and modern design mini dresses; mid-length ribbed white socks paired with must-have sneakers like the beloved New Balance; visored caps, crewneck sweatshirts, or zip-up hoodies in soft pastels and solid colors. These elements define the Sport Luxury and Tenniscore trends.

5 Must-Haves in Tenniscore Style

So, what are the true Tenniscore must-haves? Here are five pieces to create one or more looks that blend Old Money aesthetics with Preppy Style, bringing Tenniscore fashion to life.

The Original Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket

The G9 Harrington Jacket is a British icon, and not just for sports. Born in Manchester, this beloved Baracuta model has been worn by musicians, athletes, and celebrities alike. Designed for outdoor sports, in water-resistant Baracuta Cloth, the G9 features iconic details like the umbrella back yoke, slanted pockets, ribbed cuffs, and the Fraser Tartan lining. Pair it with a white polo and a pleated skirt for a perfect look both on and off the court!

Barbour Short Sleeve Polo

A classic, minimalist polo perfect for completing any look: from smart casual to sporty, to preppy. Made from cotton piqué, this Barbour polo is fresh and lightweight. Slightly fitted, it features refined details like a ribbed collar and the Barbour logo embroidered over the heart. Discover other selected Barbour pieces and accessories for a perfect British look.

C.T. Plage Mesh Dress

Preppy, sporty, and Tenniscore don't just mean classic elegance: sometimes, to win, you need to take risks! Enter C.T. Plage with this sleeveless midi mesh dress, in a cotton-linen blend. Perfect for a hot summer day at the beach or watching a thrilling tennis match from the front row! Pair it with New Balance sneakers for an outfit that combines style, originality, and comfort.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Dress

One of the most traditionally associated items with Preppy and Old Money aesthetics, the seersucker cotton mini dress is elegant, lightweight, and refined. This model from Le Mont Saint Michel stands out with its delicate light blue color, shirt collar, and waist belt detail, allowing for a customizable fit. The front button closure and heart-level pocket complete the dress. Pair it with light-colored sneakers for a sporty-casual look, or more elegant shoes for a special afternoon.

New Balance Sneakers

Lastly, in our activewear and Tenniscore selection, we couldn't miss the sporty sneakers par excellence: New Balance! There are many models to choose from: the sporty and functional New Balance 1906, the ever-popular 2002, and the iconic, colorful 550. Originally basketball shoes, they've become a must-have for streetwear and urbanwear lovers. Perfect for any look, they complete your Sporty Luxury outfits.

How Tennis Became a Fashion Trend: Sport-Luxury

Tennis legends like Serena Williams and Jannik Sinner, currently world No. 3, have reignited passion and brought the sport back to the forefront. As a result, when hitting the court, as much attention is given to technique as to style. Tenniscore has evolved into a trend featuring cotton mini dresses, pleated mini skirts, ribbed socks—maybe in colorful stripes—visored caps, and versatile outerwear. The tennis look mania is the trend of the moment, set to last beyond just one season.

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