Get ready for a unique fusion of American Street Style and Italian vintage vibes with the unmissable VANS x WP collection! These dynamic brands have been partners since '83, rewriting the rules of streetwear and leaving their mark on fashion history. Brace yourself for a five-piece capsule that flawlessly blends the iconic Off The Wall Vans vibe with the influential Italian Paninari subculture that dominated the 80s European fashion scene.

Explore the world of Vans, where authenticity and self-expression reign supreme since their California beginnings in '66. A brand deeply rooted in skate, surf, art, and music, Vans has been inspiring a community of young creatives for decades. But it was WP Lavori In Corso who took Vans to new heights, pushing boundaries with fresh prints and original features. The 80s witnessed the rise of the Paninari Movement, born in the heart of Milan's Panino Café, fueled by a global wave of consumerism and indulgence. This Italian phenomenon birthed its own unique fashion scene, embracing vibrant pastels, bold colors, and eye-catching styles. And Vans took centre stage as the footwear of choice, courtesy of WP Lavori In Corso. WP's forward-thinking approach propelled the collaboration to unimaginable heights. They secured exclusive distribution rights, revolutionized customization, and now, they're reuniting with Vans to bring you a capsule inspired by the treasured 80s prints and styles from WP's archives. Prepare for vintage charm like no other, as sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, and denim jackets combine the free-spirited essence of Vans with WP's signature Made in Italy style. It's time to unleash your personality, express yourself, and embrace the vibrant colors and designs that define the spirit of both Vans and WP!

Step into the spotlight and prepare to be wowed by the stars of the collection: the show-stopping Vans x WP Authentic 44 DX sneakers. Born in the heart of Anaheim, California, these iconic Vans sneakers have been reborn with an exclusive WP Lavori in Corso 80s patchwork print. But hold your breath, because that's not all! These kicks come in an ultra-exclusive, one-of-a-kind shoe box inspired by the authentic WP & Vans packaging from the radical '80s. Available in three irresistible hues: True White, Blue Navy, and Racing Red. To top it off, we've got the perfect match: the jaw-dropping Vans x WP Bandana Tee. Drawing inspiration from the vintage Vans logo designed exclusively for WP back in the '80s, this graphic tee is a harmonious blend of both brands' aesthetics. It's a must-have for all you "Off the Wall" style enthusiasts out there. But there’s another tee that's ready to steal the show. Featuring the iconic Vans Caly Breed logo and available in three captivating colorways—White, Blues, and Athletic Heather—it is a crowd-pleaser that's sure to turn heads. And we're not done yet, folks! Completing this extraordinary collection are two denim wonders, paying homage to the timeless American and '80s fashion aesthetic. First up, the Vans x WP Jeans Loose Fit 5 Pockets. With its slightly oversized fit and co-branded trim inspired by the legendary "Vans No Problem by WP" collection designed by the one and only Enzo Fusco, these jeans are the epitome of style. And don't forget the showstopper—the Vans x WP Trucker Jacket. Drawing inspiration from archival pieces and featuring a digital bandana print lining, this jacket is a denim dream come true. Oh, and did we mention the shoe-shaped patch detail on the breast pocket? It's the cherry on top that makes this garment truly one-of-a-kind. So, there you have it, fashion aficionados. Are you ready to wear the Vans x WP collection from head to toe, or rather... Dai Piedi Alla Testa?


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