Winter outfits blending style and functionality

As the temperatures drop, the temptation to surrender to jumpsuits and oversized hoodies is always lurking. But fear not, this time we have good news for all you lovers of "cozy winter vibes." That's right, because this winter, oversized, soft and cuddly sweaters, and loose hoodies with comfortable pockets, are a real trend. Whether it's the vibes of street and grunge style from the '80s and '90s or a turn in fashion towards comfort and coziness, it doesn't matter – we love this mood, and we're ready to embrace it with style and personality. But how do you create a winter look with the right mix of comfort and character? To help you choose the right pieces, we've prepared a list of winter wardrobe must-haves, those staples that absolutely cannot be missing from your closet and will ensure you always have the perfect outfit for any occasion. From lunch with friends and family to afternoon shopping at markets and stores, to that important company dinner where you need to make a good impression on your boss – we've got you covered! No need to thank us... well, maybe a little.

What should not be missing in your winter wardrobe

The first "outfit saver" you absolutely cannot do without, ideal for formal looks as well as more relaxed occasions, is the oversized blazer. Perfect when paired with a high-neck sweater or over a hoodie and cargo pants for urbanwear enthusiasts, the blazer is a true winter wardrobe essential. Baracuta opts for corduroy blazers that can also be used as overshirts, perfect for those who prefer a more classic and elegant look, while True Royal models are the perfect choice for a touch of sophistication. If the blazer is the top item we should all have, wide-leg pants, whether palazzo or flared, in denim, corduroy, or cotton, are the go-to for any outfit. For colder days, opt for corduroy models from True Royal, C.T. Plage, and Engineered Garments. For those who want to add a touch of color to the gray winter days, Needles goes for bright and vibrant tones, while Kardo flaunts kaleidoscopic patterns.

Sweaters and Cardigans: Cozy yet classy

Knitwear is also in the spotlight this season. Cardigans, sweaters, and turtleneck or crew neck pullovers, in wool or cashmere, warm, soft on the skin, comfortable, and elegant. Speaking of knitwear, we must certainly mention the masters at C.T. Plage. Slightly oversized sweaters, V-neck or crew neck, cardigans, and wool, cashmere, or mohair vests, available in many different shades, from pastel colors to bold and vibrant ones. For those who prefer a more street style, Universal Works and Baracuta are almost obligatory choices. Not just comfortable oversized sweaters, crew necks, and turtlenecks, but also many hooded sweatshirts, perfect for adding the final touch to your urban look. Filson's items are the perfect combination of functionality, style, and color for those who don't want to give up outdoor activities, sports, and adventure even when temperatures drop. Meanwhile, the original and revolutionary style of Wundercamera is perfect for those who want to flaunt a look with unique and eccentric shapes. And then, the newcomer of the season, already an icon in street and pop culture, elected representative of the cozy and stylish mood that seems to characterize the season, is none other than the teddy. This incredibly soft fleece that feels like a gentle hug is the real star of winter: Gramicci, Baracuta, and Beams offer it in a colorful version, with an irresistible check pattern.

Outerwear, Coats & Padded Jackets

Speaking of coats and outerwear, this time of year is the perfect moment to showcase a substantial puffer jacket, just like those from Holzweiler, which perfectly blend functionality and unmistakable style, or the models from Goldwin, ideal for outdoor activities. Finally, at the last spot on our list but certainly not least in importance, is the essential winter accessory: the beanie, or simply, the wool hat. A true must-have for every winter wardrobe, often underestimated, but it has withstood the succession of trends and fads, always remaining a pillar of our outfit. Filson, Barbour, and Baracuta fully celebrate this indispensable accessory and offer many different types, with colorful patterns and vibrant hues: choose the perfect one to match your look of the day!


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