Launched in 2016 by three young Tuscan entrepreneurs, siblings Azzura and Giampaolo Morelli, and Andrea Pucci, the idea behind Ahirain was to develop a new project which would represent something original and innovative on the Italian clothing scene. This meant not just sportswear, but apparel designed to offer “universal travellers” a personal style, setting new goals to find a point of encounter between fashion content, new technologies and sophisticated materials. The idea is reiterated through a streamlined aesthetic which springs from meticulous research into the construction of clothes, enhanced by the use of special, mainly exclusive fabrics with surprising details.
    Loose Hoodie Coat with frontal snaps closing, bi materials: precious rain wool double cloth water proof and wind proof and mat sophisticated nylon inserts, completely unlined, thermotaped stitchings inside, very sophisticated and cool coat.
    Oversize Hoodie Parka in Techno Duchesse material, waterproof and wind proof, charming and chic but technical and functional at the same time, padded with sintetic filling, frontal zip closing, waist coulisse and sleeves coulisse.
    Hoodie Techno Coat, frontal part in rain wool double cloth water proof and wind proof and mat quilted nylon on the back, padded with real goose down, water proof and wind proof, frontal bottons closing, elegant but very worm and functional at the same time.

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