The company, founded by brothers John and Isaac Miller in Manchester, has grown internationally, exploding in popularity in the 1940s and 1950s as a result of distribution in the United States. This period of growth was the spark that created the connection between popular culture and the iconic G9 worn by international music and movie industry celebrities such as James Dean, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper and many others. Having become an icon of international style in the following decades, the G9 also became a favourite with various subcultures. In 2012, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, WP Lavori in Corso acquired the historic British brand, adding it to its portfolio of authentic heritage brands.
The G9, also known as the Harrington Jacket, was created in 1937 by the creative genius of the Miller brothers. Its origins are linked to Manchester and golf courses, as reflected by the name G9 - "G" for Golf, 9 like a nine-hole golf course. It all began at the Manchester Golf Club clubhouse, where the brothers noticed that golfers weren't wearing jackets suitable for playing in the rain. This led to the idea of designing a jacket that offered freedom of movement to allow players to strike the ball and at the same time maximum protection from the rain. Every element was studied in detail: the two buttoned stand collar, the umbrella back yoke to channel rain away and the buttoned flap pockets to hold two golf balls. Permission to use the Fraser tartan for the G9’s distinctive lining was granted by Lord Lovat, Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, a descendant of William I of Scotland.
The G4 was designed to offer an alternative, looser fit. The G9’s sibling has an alternative straight, wider silhouette without the elasticated waist featured by the Harrington Jacket. The G4 is designed without elastic at the waist and cuffs to ensure freedom of movement and protection from the rain with a fit closer to that of an overshirt. The G4 features the iconic front pockets with angled flap, a high collar with two buttons, and the unmistakable water-repelling umbrella back yoke. Like the G9, the G4 features the brand’s hallmark Fraser Tartan lining.
Among the earliest patterns preserved in the archives is the elegant "A" line Single Breasted Raincoat - a knee-length overcoat, designed to protect men's suits from the rain and featuring the trademark umbrella back yoke to channel rain away. The Millers revived the Single Breasted Raincoat in 1966, a memorable year in sporting history, which marked England's only World Cup victory against West Germany. For the occasion, the Millers provided the English squad with its most elegant style, tailor-made for each player, giving new life to the G10. Baracuta still makes the G10 with the utmost attention to detail, carrying on one of the best examples of traditional British rainwear. Wearing a G10 Baracuta means having in your wardrobe a timeless and versatile garment that stands the test of time.
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