Clark's story began about 200 years ago, when Cyrus and James Clark made a slipper from sheepskin off-cuts. At the time it was ground-breaking; a combination of invention and craftsmanship that's remained at the heart of what Clarks do.From the start Clarks has always thought differently. From the slipper created by Cyrus and James Clark back in 1825 to the world's first foot-shaped shoe; from kids' ranges in whole sizes, half sizes and a choice of widths to a state-of-the-art iPad foot gauge; from innovative underfoot cushioning to rapid prototyping and 3D printing, brilliant ideas are what set Clarks apart.
The world's first casual shoe, our Desert Boot remains as instantly recognizable today as it was in 1950 for a very simple reason: every little detail remains the same. The inspiration for Nathan Clark's pivotal creation came from a seemingly unlikely source: a rough suede boot from Cairo's old bazaar, popular with off-duty army officers. After making initial sketches and even a newspaper prototype while sitting cross-legged on the floor of a tent in Burma, Clark built a sample upon his return home to Glastonbury, a sample that would become the boot we all know and love today.
Unaltered for over 50 years, the Wallabee made a big impression from the moment it was launched. When Wallabee was first introduced, it ended up directly on the album covers of reggae's most influential artists. Since then, it has been embraced by everyone from Hollywood artists to the leading exponents of hip hop. Whether it's a Hollywood artist or a hip-hop artist, Jamaican dancehall or MOD artists, the inherent elegance and talent of Clarks Originals has seen them adopted by subcultures around the world.

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