Goldwin started its page of history in 1950 from a small knit fabric factory, Tsuzawa Knit Fabric Factory, in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture. It became a purely sporting goods manufacturer and launched its original brand, GOLDWIN from 1958.Goldwin actively connects outdoor and city life; the brand combines technical aspects of its apparel with a distinct fashion sensibility. The resulting apparel can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions while still looking great in urban environments.
During the 1960s, the brand applied the knitting technology acquired in knit fabric manufacturing and developed highly functional ski sweaters with a sophisticated design. The innovative ski sweaters became real must-haves, embodying the concept of "new old fashion". In 2016, with extensive experience in developing high-tech, high performance skiwear, Goldwin began to create a complete lifestyle collection, merging the most advanced manufacturing technologies with clean, minimal Japanese design, attention to detail and performance without compromise.
In 2018, the brand logo was renewed in an effort to develop more attractive products and promote its values as the new GOLDWIN by mainly focusing on skiing as its brand core. The symbol composed of three elements represents dynamism, energy, ski tracks, a sense of speed and the silhouettes of mountains and nature Today, with more than 70 years of history, Goldwin is a perfect choice for those who have their own style and are always searching for something different. The brand offers innovative products that combine logic, comfort, practicality and sophisticatedly minimal design developed with knowledge rooted in its long history on ski slopes and the outdoors.

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