Taking “UTILITY” and “SPORTS” as key words, Nanamica, founded in Japan by Eiichiro Homma, mixes fashion and functionality at a high level to offer standard wear for the current age with neutral design that transcends the boundaries of genre, age, or gender. Nanamica has achieved constant recognition around the world for its unique combination of high-performance technical fabrics and sober and elegant design.The brand name means “house of the seven seas,” and the relaxing image of the ocean is something that Nanamica has always cherished.
Nanamica's most iconic pieces reflect Mr. Homma's original idea: to create garments that are inspired by menswear classics, but which, on closer inspection, use space-age materials to achieve maximum performance. One of the brand’s pieces de resistance is the Gore-Tex® Soutien Collar Coat - a mid-length jacket with a classic, elegant line, which offers incredible resistance to rain and wind. Nanamica has recently used this approach to make a number of business wear pieces as well - tailored jackets created with crease-resistant materials that can go straight from a transcontinental night flight to a business meeting the next morning.
Following Nanamica’s collections over the years, it is evident how much Mr. Homma has a very clear vision of the brand. The most recent pieces never stray too far from the previous catalogue. All black and white sketches look the same, but each has differences in fit, fabric combinations and colour palette. Despite this constant, Nanamica’s continuous technical innovations and playful spirit of research, manages to make each new garment unique. These features are recognizable, for example, in the Alphadry Club Jacket, where British textile factory Abraham Moon’s traditional houndstooth pattern is printed on a lightweight polyester fabric, so that the tweed can also be worn in summer.

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