Founded in 1908 in a small village at the foot of the French Alps, the family-run company has become one of the last emblems of “Made in France” and “stitched” shoes in the footwear industry. The brand has earned its reputation thanks to the family's commitment to traditional craftsmanship, combined with an innovative approach that has given rise to the hallmark of Paraboot footwear: the vulcanized rubber sole whose various layers are glued together.
Rémy Richard registered the Paraboot name in 1927, from "Para" – a port in Amazonia, where latex was exported from, and "boot" – the interesting new shoe he had discovered in the United States, where he was fascinated by a new type of waterproof rubber boot. Paraboot shoes have a unique DNA that derives from the quality of the leathers and rubbers used and the way they are processed.
Every detail is important and materials are carefully selected and of natural origin. No toxic or harmful substances are released onto the skin and the foot is able to breathe, resulting in better hygiene. The sole is in natural, flexible rubber. Production methods have never changed and Paraboot shoes are made with the best European leathers, still tanned in the old way, providing true timeless authenticity. The comfort and durability of the shoes, especially those with Goodyear or Norwegian welts, reflect Paraboot's corporate policy of environmental sustainability.

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