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The project

Launched in 2015, WP Relais is a family-run venture offering exclusive stays in facilities tinged with the allure of yesteryear. Here, WP’s unmistakable comfort and style blend seamlessly with an ability to capture the essence of the place. Guests are invited to live an authentic, genuine experience, discovering the history of magical, timeless territories, or of historical or progressive cities. The venues are tastefully furnished with the outstanding care typical of the WP family, with every aspect - the relationship with the area or city, nature, animals, food, wellness, unexplored hideouts - reflecting the signature style epitomising the research and exclusivity of WP.


The mission of WP Relais is to give spaces and their furnishings a new lease of life, a new identity, turning old mangers into fountains, wine barrels into floors, doors into tables. Ours is a never-ending search: first and foremost, for places, spaces, objects, styles, philosophies, traditions; for people bearing witness to a story and a know-how that ought never to be lost. The WP Relais perfectly reflect WP's style and philosophy of careful research into the fields of art, design and clothing.


Each WP Relais has been chosen for its distinctive identity and for its consistency with the WP business philosophy: from the farmhouse in Val D’Orcia to the typical town house in the Salento region, the characteristic “dammuso” stone house of Pantelleria, the magical Etruscan home in Murlo, and apartments in iconic addresses such as Piazza della Signoria in Florence or the West Village in New York.

These are just some of the most evocative and prestigious residences of WP Relais, each very different yet all sharing WP’s hallmark combination of comfort and tradition. Their furniture, largely sourced locally, brings out the magic atmosphere of these ancient residences through unique items carefully selected and restored by local craftsmen.

Each WP Relais interacts genuinely with its territory, allowing guests to live the area to the full, for a richer, more fulfilling experience than that of a mere tourist. To this end, WP Relais offers artistic and cultural itineraries, including nature walks and tours designed to learn more about the local handicrafts, food, history, museums, places of art and culture, vintage markets and antique fairs.

Brimming in history and style, the WP Relais are the ideal settings for ceremonies and important events such as weddings, receptions, conferences, and other private or professional events. A WP Relais team of experts will help you organise your event in such a way as to meet your every need and desire.

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