The Best of British Style

A must-have capsule collection: Barbour, leader in the lifestyle sector, and Baracuta, famous worldwide for the original G9 Harrington Jacket, collaborate on a collection that celebrates the British heritage of both brands, highlighting the identity and unique style of these two true icons of the United Kingdom. Barbour and Baracuta present three different outerwear models that brilliantly combine style and functionality And wait, there's more! All the items in the capsule collection are made unique by one of the most iconic features of both brands: the tartan lining, the real showstopper of the collection.

The release is mainly inspired by preppy style, a real staple of American Ivy League colleges fashion, of which Baracuta was a major player. In the 1960s, this aesthetic arrived in the United Kingdom, where it was reinterpreted and reinvented by adding details from the workwear made in UK, and by using accessories such as scarves and caps. The jackets in the collection are perfect to wear during the transitional season, when the weather is uncertain and a safe protection from wind and sudden storms is needed, without sacrificing style and elegance. In waxed cotton, Barbour x Baracuta jackets feature functional details, such as large pockets and practical hoods, and feature an unprecedented combination of the characteristic tartans of both brands: Barbour's Classic Tartan and Baracuta's Fraser Tartan.

Rainproof waxed jackets

The Porton Barbour x Baracuta waxed jacket is a reinterpretation of the original G9 Harrington Jacket by Baracuta, rethought according to the classic style of Barbour tradition. Also in waxed cotton, the Brown Barbour x Baracuta jacket is inspired by the G4 by Baracuta. It has a looser fit than the Porton and is the perfect mix of casual and formal style. It guarantees excellent protection from the elements, and it is durable and functional: a real must-have for the first winter days! The Clayton Barbour x Baracuta waxed jacket combines the style of both brands and is slightly heavier than the other models in the collection, ideal for colder evenings. It features several large and spacious pockets; ribbed velvet hood and double-buttoned collar.

The winning partnership between Barbour and Baracuta

Ian Bergin, Menswear director of Barbour, has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm in collaborating with Baracuta, having the opportunity to give the iconic G9 Harrington Jacket a new and original look. The G9 is a staple of men's clothing, and that's why it's at the heart of this collaboration, which has reinterpreted it by adding Barbour's Classic Tartan to the lining and covering the outside with the unmistakable Oban waxed cotton. Barbour and Baracuta share important values that they wanted to convey through this collection: attention to detail, craftsmanship and commitment to creating garments that last for years, that can be passed down from generation to generation. Discover the collection now on and


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